Methylation Mark Atlas

An atlas of methylation marks identified by Specific Methylation Analysis and Report Tool (SMART) based on 50 methylomes across human cell lines and tissues


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Concept and background

It has been demonstrated that cell-type-specific methylation distinguishes human cell-types and associates with cell-type-specific functions. This feature indicates the segments with high methylation specificity may be potential methylation marks of human cell-types. The collection of human methylomes enables the dissection of methylation marks across cell-types and tissues comprehensively sampled across the human body. The distance-dependent methylation similarity between neighboring CpGs which would be useful for identifying the genome regions consist of uniformly methylated CpGs or cell-specific methylated CpGs.

Using methylomes to identify methymarks

Thus, we developed entropy-based method to carry out methylome segmentation and identify the segments with high/low/no specificity across human cell-types. Then a statistical method were developed to identify the High/LowSpe segments with specific hypo-/hyper-methylation in the minority of cell-types as cell-type-specific hypo-methylation marks (HypoMarks) or cell-type-specific hyper-methylation marks (HyperMarks) . Using this method, we presented an atlas of cell-type-specific methylation marks (MethyMarks) across 42 cell-types of human, which are the union of 460, 438 MethyMarks across all these cell-types. MethyMarks overlapped with super-enhancers are treated as Super-MethyMarks and those with length >=3.5kb are Large-MethyMarks.All these information can be searched, viewed and downloaded for further analysis.


MethyMark seletor: Using the search engine, users can found the methymarks in the given genome locations or specific genes of intresting. For instance, seting the Chrome=chr6, Start=31124000, and End=31147000 in the page SuperMethyMarks results in the methymarks overlapped with super-enhancer. Using the similar method, the methylation segments by SMART, cell-type-specific methymakrs and those large methymarks can be obtained in the specific page.

MethyMark files dataload: In the download page, all data files including methylation segments, cell-type-specific MethyMarks, Super-MethyMarks and Large-MethyMarks are provided for local analysis, visualization in UCSC genome browser, and even building of functional databases related with these MethyMarks.

SMART software: According to process of identifying methylation marks across human cell-types in this paper, we presented a Specific Methylation Analysis and Report Tool (SMART) for BS-Seq data. SMART should be usefule for researchers in automated analyzing their own methylation data and identifing cell-types-specific or sample-specific methylation marks.

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Hongbo Liu et al. Systematic identification and annotation of human methylation marks based on bisulfite sequencing methylomes reveals distinct roles of cell type-specific hypomethylation in the regulation of cell identity genes Nucleic Acids Res: 2016 ,44(1) ,75-94.