QDMR:Quantitative Differentially Methylated Region
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10/17/2012: The command line version of QDMR 1.0 is officially launched now. (Download, Tutorial) New!

10/16/2012: The QDMR forum can be used to exchange about QDMR usage now at Google Group. New!

10/16/2012: QDMR provides Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages for users. New!

5/13/2011: Add the indication for the data error that there is missing value in data file. Now, QDMR can tell the user the potential error position if the methylation value is beyond the prescribed range.

7/22/2010: QDMR now provides UCSC link for each region to view genome information on UCSC database.

6/22/2010: QDMR online tutorial and the view of DMR distribution on chromosomes are now available.

5/10/2010: QDMR 1.0 is now available. Run analysis on your web browser or download QDMR. This release includes support for Java 6. For more information, see the release notes.

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