QDMR:Quantitative Differentially Methylated Region
Download and Install QDMR


Platform Available QDMR Installers
Windows QDMR_windows_installer.exe (5.37M)
Linux QDMR_linux_installer.tar (3.13M)
Command line QDMR_Command_Line.zip (2.57M)
All Platform QDMR_All_Platform.jar(3.09M)
Source code QDMR_Source_Code.zip (7.26M)
QDMR 1.0 Release Notes
  • Java 1.6 Support
    As of Release 1.0, QDMR, whether Web QDMR or Standalone Software, can be configured to run under Java 1.6 or higher. Please make sure that you have a recent version of Java installed. If QDMR can't work, you can try install a recent version of Java’s runtime first.
  • Cross-Platform
    QDMR runs on almost any operating system, including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Solaris with a suitable version of Java is installed. Please make sure that you have downloaded the available installers for your operating system and installed it on your machine correctly.
  • Friendly Interface
    QDMR provides friendly interface for users. For example, QDMR allows user to preview data which he want to import into the software, by which he can adjust data into appropriate format before analysis. Operation guides have been put at the bottom of each section, which is conducive to user's operation. User can view the methylation data in all sample whenever he wants by the visualization tool (RegionMethyView) provided by QDMR.
  • High-throughput analysis
    In order to facilitate the analysis of massive methylation data, a command line version of QDMR is provided now. (Download, Tutorial)
Hardware Requirements and Software Compatibility
  • Hardware requirements: QDMR's hardware requirements are found on almost all currently available machines:
    512 MB RAM (additional RAM may be required depending on the data being processed)
    500 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
    Hard drive space: As of January 2010, installing all QDMR package requires approximately 20M of hard drive space
  • Supported operating systems: QDMR installers are available for Windows, Linux. QDMR should work with any operating system that has a Java 1.6 virtual machine installed.
  • Supported browsers: The QDMR Web Client has been tested on the following browsers:
    Firefox 15.0,
    MS Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0.

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