Data Import


This section presents a summary of the data import step.

Data type .idat files
Data source /home/hongbol/Projects/2019_05_31_EPIC_Kidney/0_DataProcessing/Raw
Number of samples 576
Number of probes 866895
Detection p-values present
bead counts information is present
Quality control information absent

Sample Annotation

The loaded dataset includes a table of sample annotations describing the following traits:

No. Trait Missing Values Type
1 Sample_ID identifiers or text
2 Sentrix_ID numbers
3 Sentrix_Position categories or text
4 Sample_Name categories or text
5 Sample_Well categories or text
6 Sample_Plate categories or text
7 barcode identifiers or text
8 Predicted Male Probability numbers or identifiers
9 Predicted Sex categories or text

The full sample annotation table is available as a comma-separated value file accompanying this report.